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It has been years since the dead began to walk and civilization is now nothing but a memory. Cities are nothing but ruins, filled with the living dead, and where once small enclaves survived, now they are all gone.

One of the last holdouts, a group of soldiers and scientists hidden in an underground bunker in Florida, are also gone after being overrun by the undead.

But there were three survivors: Sarah, John and McDermott.

Escaping in a helicopter, the group found refuge on an island off the coast of Florida, where they hope to begin life anew, away from the death and destruction that was once mankind.

But the island is far from uninhabited, and soon Sarah and the others find themselves embroiled in the struggles of a small camp of people that came to the island years ago at the beginning of the outbreak. Here, men of science as well as civilians have begun working on a cure for the undead plague.

Sarah soon finds out that she is the key to the cure, that she alone could be the one to save the remaining humans on the planet from a fate worse than death.

But there is one hitch. The key to the cure of the plague is buried in her notes back at the underground bunker, and the only way to reach Sarah’s lab is through hundreds upon hundreds of walking dead that now fill the corridors.

With a small commando force joining in, Sarah, John and McDermott have no choice but return to the fateful bunker where Sarah and the others had only narrowly escaped with their lives weeks ago.

But unknown to them, the bunker harbors an evil far worse than the walking dead. An enemy they believe is long dead has resurfaced with only one goal…vengeance and death.

Though at first there was Day of the Dead, eventually night must fall.

Then there is only the Sunset of the Dead.



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